Case Studies

14-day CIA & Usability Study

In 2012, Hill Top Research enrolled and completed a challenging transdermal cumulative irritation study for a pharmaceutical company. This study involved extensive medical screenings and on-going protocol reviews by the FDA. Hill Top was able to successfully partner with the client to conduct the trial, identify idea study participants, and provide the client with results as part of the on-going FDA submission.

We also participated in a multi-center ADHD transdermal usability study and were able to quickly identify and enroll an adult population that led to that cell of the study being the first to close enrollment due to meeting timelines.


Hill Top Research recently completed five back-to-back antiperspirant studies using both men and woman for a leading worldwide personal healthcare company. All studies were enrolled on time and were completed on budget.

Cold Sore

Hill Top Research has run a variety of cold sore studies over the years, from naturally-occurring models to UV-induced models, to evaluate products for safety and efficacy. We have been able to leverage our trained graders, photography abilities, and statistical capabilities/technical competence to guide our clients to a successful study execution from protocol development to issuance of final reports.

Dry Mouth

A client approached Hill Top Research in 2011 to identify a population that suffers from dry mouth in order to test a variety of oral care products. We successfully built a database of potential study participants from the ground up, screened and recruited the participants, and, by working with local dentists, were able to successfully complete three studies on time and on budget while achieving the desired results for the client.

Our proven expertise and commitment to excellence resulted in additional work being placed with Hill Top by the client, and we have also incorporated our Winnipeg site into the studies – this site has also identified an ideal population with which to complete the studies and has met the client’s expectations.

Eye Safety

During the summer of 2012, Hill Top Research completed a 5-cell classic eye irritation study for a personal healthcare company. Hill Top also recently completed a facial sting/eye sting study for a global personal healthcare company.


Recently, a national personal healthcare company approached Hill Top Research about providing safety/efficacy testing on a hemorrhoid sufferers population. We were able to combine our medical expertise via our Medical Director and nurse practitioners with the efficiency of our study participant recruitment division to identify the ideal population for a multi-center study, exceed enrollment deadlines, and meet the sponsor’s objective on time and on budget.


Hill Top Research recently completed an at-home-use tampon study using more than 200 female study participants. This is one of the largest and fastest enrolling tampon studies in Hill Top’s history.


In 2012, Hill Top Research completed a total of three pivotal vasoconstrictor assays. Each study involved 90 study participants testing a variety of topical corticosteroids for pharmaceutical sponsors. Our trained graders, product applicators, and Chroma Meter operators were assembled to form a team that made each of these projects successes.