Hill Top Chambers

The Hill Top Chamber® is a patented occlusive patch test system for a broad variety of uses. The Hill Top Chamber is widely used in such areas as cosmetics, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, films, fabrics, soaps, detergents, chemicals, and others where products may directly or indirectly affect or involve the human skin.

Please Note: The Hill Top Chamber is not intended to be used as a drug delivery system or as a drug delivery device.

The basic component of the Hill Top Chamber System is a molded plastic chamber, flexible enough to conform to the contour of the skin. This chamber has a unique double rim, consisting of an outer ring and an inner, flexible flange, for a close fit to the skin surface to increase occlusivity. Within the chamber a non-woven Webril® pad holds the test sample. The chamber is sandwiched between squares of release paper and semi-occlusive, hypoallergenic adhesive tape, ready for use. The tape used in completing a Hill Top Chamber full system is Durapore®, a product of the 3M Company. Plastic chambers alone, with or without Webril pad, are also available.

Chamber Composition:

The Hill Top Chamber is manufactured using KratonĀ® G-2705, a product of the Shell Oil Company. Kraton meets or exceeds the current USP requirements for physico-chemical and biological tests for Class VI polymers. The chamber is soft and flexible thus providing cohesion between the test material and the skin sites. The Kraton material has been approved for use by the FDA.

Hill Top Chamber Prices

    19mm or 25mm
  • Chamber only - $656.00/500 pieces
  • Chamber with Webril pad - $750.00/500 pieces
  • Chamber System - $1250.00/500 pieces
    33mm or 52.34mm
  • Chamber only - $850.00/500 pieces
  • Chamber with Webril pad - $900.00/500 pieces
  • Chamber System - $1500.00/500 pieces

Minimum order is 500, per size and variation. (All Prices are in US Dollars)

For more information, please e-mail: chambers@hill-top.com.