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Merz North America and Foamix to Develop an Innovative Medicated Foam

GREENSBORO, N.C. AND REHOVOT, ISRAEL – July 8, 2013 – Merz North America, Inc. and Foamix Ltd., today announced that they have established a collaboration to develop and commercialize an innovative medicated topical foam. The parties have executed a development agreement and a memorandum of understanding (MOU) granting Merz an exclusive worldwide license for the global development and commercialization of the product.

Under the terms of the MOU, Merz North America will assume the full cost and responsibility for all clinical development, manufacturing and commercialization of the product worldwide. Foamix is eligible to receive undisclosed upfront and milestone payments, as well as royalties on net sales.

“Merz North America is excited to enter this collaboration and access the foam technology and intellectual property of Foamix Ltd. This collaboration allows Merz to continue the pursuit and commercialization of innovative products to benefit patients, physicians and payers. We believe this will be a productive collaboration between two highly innovative specialty healthcare companies, and we look forward to ongoing shared success in the dermatology space,” said Bill Humphries, president & CEO of Merz North America.

“We are very proud to enter this cooperation with Merz for an important product opportunity utilizing our proprietary technology platforms,” remarked Dr. Dov Tamarkin, CEO of Foamix Ltd. “We continue to significantly diversify our existing and future product portfolio through both internal product development programs and external partnerships with innovative healthcare companies like Merz North America. We anticipate that this collaboration will lead to potential significant business growth in the future.”

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  • Hill Top Research Launches New Website

    Hill Top Research, one of the world’s leading clinical research services companies, has completely re-designed and re-launched its website. With information on the company’s history, capabilities, facilities, and ongoing news updates, the new site is designed to be a one-stop hub of information for current clients to keep up-to-date on Hill Top’s business advances, and for potential clients to learn more about what one of the most innovative CROs has to offer. Please visit to see the new site!

  • Hill Top Research Personal Healthcare Updates

    Our Personal Healthcare division has purchased a dermabrader for use in wound studies. The addition of dermabrasion to our wound healing study designs gives us yet another avenue to study how ingredients and products may affect this process. Additionally, the Personal Healthcare division worked in tandem with Hill Top’s study participant recruitment team recently to successfully enroll an infant eczema study. This study adds to our diverse list of study designs involving infants. At our Winnipeg site, the winter weather conditions have resulted in an excess amount of study participants with dry skin. A whopping 675 subjects participated in dry skin studies during the month of January alone!

  • Hill Top Research Dermatology Rx Updates

    Hill Top Research recently won a Phase I study involving a new chemical entity designed to treat a major skin disease. Hill Top also recently completed three vasoconstrictor assay studies for topical steroid bioequivalence.

  • Hill Top Research Personal Healthcare Updates

    Hill Top Research’s Technical Director/Project Manager has taken part in the publication of numerous posters and papers over the years. Most recently, Mr. Berg worked with a Hill Top Research client in publishing a paper detailing the process of testing the safety of a 0.5% ivermectin lotion on head louse infestations. Mr. Berg collaborated again with the same client to publish a poster outlining the same process. Additionally, Mr. Berg paired with another HTR client to publish a paper on the cumulative irritation and contact sensitization potentials of tazarotene foam 0.1% in two separate Phase I patch studies. Mr. Berg will also be presenting a poster at the 71st Annual American Academy of Dermatology detailing Hill Top’s multi-site/ global patch test grader training program. Personal Healthcare Program Manager Micah Humphrey collaborated with another HTR client on a presentation regarding the effectiveness of colloidal oatmeal OTC creams vs. prescription barrier repair creams in African-American children. That presentation will also be on display at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting.

  • Creating, Implementing, and Evaluating a Quality Assurance (QA) Training Program: Use of Individualized Training Plans (ITPs).

  • Hill Top Research Winnipeg Site Does More Than Test Dry Skin Products!

    A variety of tape and taping procedures are utilized to enhance clinical testing. Tape can be used to measure characteristics such as loosely adherent corneocytes, lipid composition, and sebum production. Other tapes serve the purpose of keeping products adhered to the skin so irritation or sensitization potential can be determined, while other tapes have very specialized features and can dispense a drug over a period of time through the skin. Additionally, tape stripping procedures can be used to determine penetration of product ingredients in the stratum corneum. Between tape stripping, D-Squames, and patch studies, the Winnipeg staff has handled more than 18,000 pieces of tape in the month of February. We’re pleased to report that less than 0.02% were lost, i.e. fell sticky side down on a work surface instead of their final “resting” place (similar to toast falling on the floor jam side down), curled on themselves or got stuck to a lab coat! For more information on our Winnipeg testing facility and its capabilities, please contact site manager Elsie Kohoot at or 204-453-1835.